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Bacteria Detection Time Cut From Days to Minutes

 NanoLogix, an innovator in rapid diagnostics, recently released a comprehensive operations summary that revealed an exponential drop in detection and diagnostic times for active-threat bacteria and amoeba. This development is projected to provide reliable detection, ease of use, and the ability to identify live active-threat bacteria and differentiate from non-threat bacteria, faster and at lower cost than other technologies.

In recent third-party tests, two of NanoLogix's products, the BioNanoPore (BNP) and BioNanoFilter (BNF), provided diagnostic results four to 20 times faster than standard tests. Group B Streptococcus, a threat during pregnancy, took an hour or less rather than the standard 48-72 hours. Tuberculosis detection was reduced from weeks to 4 days.

These details are included in today's comprehensive summary of NanoLogix business operations, which covers technology advances, partnership collaborations, preparations for FDA approvals, media coverage, financial information and the company's new R&D laboratory.

To view the NanoLogix Company Summary, visit: http://nanologix.com/news/2011_company_update.html


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