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Cola Launches New Tool for Assessing Lab Quality

COLA, a leading laboratory accreditor, has launched a new resource called PCLE (Patient-Centered Laboratory Excellence) Excellerator, an e-module designed to help laboratories deliver quality and value-driven lab medicine to their patients every day.  The website address for the new online resource is www.cola.org/patient-centered-laboratory-excellence-pcle/.

The new program enables lab personnel to assess their operations to determine if they are operating in accordance with emerging new healthcare delivery models such as the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).  It also provides a wide range of resources that emphasize continuous good laboratory practices above and beyond current regulatory requirements for moderate and high complexity labs.

The program also is available to the growing number of practices performing unregulated, "waived" testing, where studies continue to show significant problems with the quality of lab results, and in the level of education and engagement of employees performing such tests.

"Our new PCLExcellerator is designed to help physician office and other laboratories 'biopsy' their operations to determine any areas that may need improvement," said COLA Chief Executive Officer Doug Beigel.  "It can help laboratories instill a culture of excellence in their delivery of lab medicine, so that practitioners using their services can be assured of consistently high quality results, generated by well-trained staff."

In addition to the easy-to-use, self-assessment tool, the PCLExcellerator features:

  • Emerging PCMH standards for laboratories, such as the importance of accurate lab testing as data is increasingly shared via electronic medical records systems
  •  Case studies illustrating how labs averted potential problems by improving quality standards
  • An online library, including links to CMS educational resources as well as a wide variety of online COLA courses and products designed to promote quality practices

Members of the American College of Physicians (ACP) also can access the COLA PCLExcellerator tool through the organization's website at https://www.practiceadvisor.org/modules/managing-your-practice/patient-centered-laboratory-excellence.  ACP practices that enroll in the recognition program will be entitled to discounted COLA fees.  

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