ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory eMagazine, October 2016


October 2016


Money Talks
ADVANCE readers offer input on salary standards in clinical laboratories across the U.S.

Personalized Medicine Tools
CDS access has blown open the doors of the hospital to include any and all points of care.

Detecting Bacteria/Bacterial Infections
New techniques for early identification

Monitoring Fibrinolysis
A look at the clinical lab tests used to monitor the complex process of degrading clots

Predictive Analytics
Experts trying to predict how they will play into pathology

Ahead of the Curve
The role of automation in outreach and new business opportunities for clinical laboratories

Tools for Examining the Medical Exome
Customizable, exon-focused microarrays are crucial for clinical genetics research.


On Record
Millennials Redefine Quality

Quest for Quality
Value-Based Reimbursement

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