Webinar: Talking Money: A Discussion of the Results of the 2016 Laboratory Salary Survey


Following the collection and organization of the 2016 Laboratory Salary Survey, ADVANCE will be hosting a discussion on the results and what they mean for MLPs. The webinar, presented by COLA CEO Doug Beigel, ASCP representative Edna Garcia, and frequent contributor Scott Warner, MLT(ASCP), lab manager at Northern Maine Medical Center, will analyze the results from a multiple points of view.

As a career laboratorian, Scott Warner will offer the hands-on insider perspective of an MLP in the modern clinical laboratory. As a representative of ASCP, Edna Garcia will discuss the results from the perspective of regulatory, policy and lobbying efforts moving forward. As CEO of COLA, Doug Beigel will address education opportunities and improved outreach to Outside healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Featured Speakers

Doug Beigel, COLA

Doug Beigel, COLA

Edna Garcia, ASCP

Edna Garcia, ASCP

Scott Warner, MLT(ASCP)

Scott Warner, MLT(ASCP)


Moderator: Michael Jones

Editorial Assistant, ADVANCE Healthcare Network


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